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Rollout services

Consultation on telecommunications


Supply of equipment

Operation & Maintenance

VSAT Consulting

IBS Services


Fiber Optic Services

Ongoing Projects
Network Planning and Optimization Services for More than 1500 sites (MTN-Ericsson)
Optimization resource providing(MTN)
Network Planning Services(NAK-MCI)
Full Turnkey Site implementation(NAK-MCI)
Spectrum Analyzing and interference detecting(NAK-MCI)
Rigger providing for optimization changes(NAK-MCI)
NPO Software and Hardware providing for more than 20 company.
VSAT Consulting (NITC-Refah Bank-CRA)
Fiber optic network implementation (Tehran Municipality)

SMT Project’s


Optimization, Post processing, and Drive test for NSN-MTN project 2009-2011
Optimization, Post processing, and Drive test for NSN-MCCI project 2009-2012
TSS & LOS for more than 800 sites for NSN-MTN-MCI projects 2009-2012
IBS planning and design for MCCI-NSN 2011-2012
MTN-NSN Network Planning & Optimization Full Turnkey Project 2012
IT Support Services 2009-2012
Providing expert resource for NSN project 2009-2012


Ericsson DT, RVT, and TSS/LOS for MTN project 2012 (Region 5 & 6)
Ericsson NI service for MTN project (Region 5)
Optimization, Post processing, and Drive test for Ericsson-MCCI project 2013
Site Audit for MCCI Network, Ericsson-MCCI project 2013
IT Support Services 2012-14
Tehran Swap project (NSN Equipment to Ericsson 3G and LTE Equipment ) 2013-14
LOS project for MTN for 1200 sites, Tehran 2014
SSV for More than 1000 LTE (1800-2600 Band) Sites ,Tehran MTN 2015-16
SSV and RVT MTN R5&6 2G/3G Sites 2015-16
Ericsson DT, SSV, RVT and LOS for MTN project Expansion 2016 (2G, 3G, LTE - Tehran / Region 5&6)


Mobinnet TI & CW project 2012 for whole Iran
Mobinnet DT & RVT and Scanning 2012-13 for whole Iran
Mobinnet adjustment and NPO survey for 8 provinces.


Optimization, Post processing, and Drive test project for NAK-MCCI, Tehran 2013
Site Audit for transition project for NAK-MCCI, Tehran 2013
Low level design project including planning, site audit, drive test, TSS and LOS for NAK-MCCI, Tehran-2013
Site expansion project for NAK-MCCI, Tehran 2013
TSS and LOS project for NAK-MCCI, Tehran 2013
Road sites optimization (RSCI) project including site audit, TSS, drive test, post processing, optimization solution and implementation for 8 central provinces of Iran, NAK-MCCI 2013


2G, 3G and LTE Optimization, Post processing, and Drive test project for MTN, Kerman/Sistan Region 2015-16


MTN Irancell








Refah bank



Our Values

Customer First

Our first job is to understand our customers. objectives, then offer them solution and Services to help satisfy those needs so they can build and maintain thier network successfuly. If we do that right, then all sorts of good things happen for customers, team members and their customers.


We take responsibility for QUALITY. Quality is the foundation on which SMT.Co, must �build� its future.Each of us at SMT.Co is responsible for the quality of whatever we do.


The best solutions come from working together with both colleagues and customers. We openly communicate up, down, and across the organization. We value the diversity of our workforce.

Honesty & Respect

We tell the truth and respect others. We uphold high standards of business ethics and integrity.One of our greatest assets is our reputation for behaving ethically in the interests of employees, customers, business partners.


We put health and safety first. We take the health, safety and security of our employees, contractors and customers very seriously.

About us

Soroush Ertebat Hezareh, founded in 2009 as an IT service company, telecommunication engineering and consultancy service, telecom implementation, design and planning, project management and supervision as well as training and support. Our dedicated engineering staff and associate consultants work with clients throughout the world assisting them in implementing fixed, mobile, broadband and other telephony and data communication services. Soroush Ertebat Hezareh management team and engineering staff members are highly qualified and experienced professionals with wide range of skills and experience in telecom and IT industry aiming to providing high quality services in a highly demanding and competitive marketplace. Building on our collective expertise, we have developed a range of proven disciplines, tools, methodologies and models designed to ensure rapid and effective implementation of projects. Its objective was helping operators and vendors to achieve their project goals with lower cost and higher quality in standard time limit with our full telecommunication package and the internal purpose to be a competent as technical personnel that can contribute over the time within rapid changing in the telecommunication environment via updating the latest knowledge on telecommunication engineering especially concept, principle, Architecture, software and hardware. In today’s demanding and competitive market place of the telecommunication industry which operators are facing with rapid changing business landscape because of technology change and many other drivers and above all the increasing customer expectations, we can help our customers to effectively manage, design, build and optimize their network and introduce new services.

Contact us

Headquarters: Unit 233, 3th floor, No.7, Valiasr Building, 36th alley, after saei park, Valiasr Ave, Tehran, IRAN

Postal Code: 1516734441


Phone: +98(21) 88 64 76 88

Fax: +98(21) 88 64 78 54-55

Office 2: UAE, Dubai, Abdul karim niamat bldg., flat 05, somali road opp-hyat regency,Deira, Zip code 172612

Phone: +971 54 300 1078

Fax: +9714 3938261

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